• Toothaches, heed the warnings…

    Toothaches, heed the warnings…. It’s important to know when you need to get dental treatment right away, and when you can wait. Here are some very basic guidelines: •If you’re suffering a traumatic dental injury that […]

  • Healthy Snacks for Kids’ Teeth

    Tooth decay in children ages 2 to 5 shot up 4 percentage points to 28 percent in the five-year period between 1999 and 2004, ABC News reports. Issues with oral health early in life can set […]

  • Gingivitis As An Early Form Of Gum Disease

      Gingivitis is an early form of gum disease, or periodontal disease. If you ignore the signs of gingivitis because you don’t recognize them or because you are worried about seeking care from a dentist, your […]

  • Six Month Smiles

      What Is Six Month Smiles?  Six Month Smiles® is a modern twist on tried-and-true orthodontics.  There is little debate within the orthodontic community that braces are the most widely used and most effective method to […]

  • October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

      Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer […]